• Improving your coding skills

    If you want to improve your coding skills, you can do so by solving some problems used in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. You can find the entire collection here, which is really huge. [Continue reading]

  • Dealing with bug reports

    Some days ago I posted a message, titled "The art of bug reporting", which gave some tips to fill good bug reports. Today, I'm going to review this same process from the developer's point of view, who has to handle these reports. [Continue reading]

  • GNOME 2.6.2 released

    The GNOME Project has just released the 2.6.2 version of its desktop environment, probably the last release of the 2.6 stable branch. The official announcement provides more information, including a list of changes since the previous version. Furthermore, I've just updated all the GNOME packages in pkgsrc to their respective versions in this new release. That is, you can easily install GNOME 2.6.2 with the simple cd pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/gnome && make install command... and on multiple platforms! This may be a good reason to try this excellent package system today ;-) [Continue reading]

  • Making an Athlon system consume less power

    This has been posted today to Barrapunto, but as I find it very interesting, I'm repeating it here. [Continue reading]

  • Watching remote system activity

    gkrellm is a very good program to watch system activity. It provides a small window where monitors are stacked up; these include things like CPU and network monitors, weather reports, sensor control, etc. The window is also themeable, so that you can customize gkrellm's appearence in any way. Just because of this, you have to give it a try! One of the new features in the (somewhat recent) 2.x version is support for remote logging of computers. That is, you can watch remote system activity (provided by any supported monitor) from a single computer. Let's see how to do it. [Continue reading]

  • The art of bug reporting

    Software is not perfect. When using it you'll eventually hit bugs, some of which may be trivial, like a typo, or very annoying (crashes, broken features, etc.). Reporting them is a good way to help developers, and you can do it even if you are not a coder. [Continue reading]

  • Connecting two networks

    First of all, a bit of background. My home network is based on the old 10base2 connection. There is a server doing firewalling and NAT (among providing some services). There are also several workstations; mine has two NICs, one integrated in the motherboard, which only supports 10baseT (so I can't use it for my home network), and one plugged in a PCI slot. This network is class C, using IPs. [Continue reading]

  • Helping pkgsrc (through pkgsrc-wip)

    I suggested you yesterday to contribute to a free software project. I know choosing one can be difficult, so this post is to give you a suggestion: help the pkgsrc project. [Continue reading]

  • Getting involved in a free software project

    It's now late June and, for many people (not me, yet), summer holidays are here. If you don't know what to do, or want an idea, here is it: join a free software project. [Continue reading]

  • Welcome to my new journal!

    Hi everybody! After thinking about it during some days, I've decided to start a new journal (AKA blog) after a failed attempt on November 2003 (which only lasted three posts, IIRC). I didn't know what to write in it, had almost no readers (obviously), and had few time at that moment to keep it growing. [Continue reading]