• Impressions on Monotone

    I'm amazed after having played with Monotone during the whole evening. Simply put, it is a distributed version control system, similar to CVS in the sense that it keeps track of changes across files and lets multiple people work at the same time with them. But, unlike CVS, it has many other cool features. The front page of its website contains a nice paragraph summarizing all available features, so I'm not repeating them here. But let me discuss here what has taken my attention. [Continue reading]

  • QT Parted experiences

    A few days ago I gave QT Parted a try (from a Knoppix 3.6 disk): I shrinked my NTFS partition to leave more room for other OSes (not that space is a problem here, but I wanted to try it). The program is awesome: very easy to use (looks a lot like Partition Magic) and it did the job quickly and correctly. [Continue reading]

  • Differences between a hub and a switch

    A friend of mine asked me yesterday which are the differences between a hub and a switch. After giving her a quick explanation, I realized that I'd write something better and leave it here for anyone else interested. However, a detailed explanation could need a lot of background theory, so these are just the basic ideas that differentiate these network devices. [Continue reading]

  • Linux's UFS support

    The last time I tried Linux's UFS support was around the first 2.4 releases, and IIRC, it trashed my file-systems even in read only mode (sounds strange, I know, but this is what I remember). Today I decided try again to verify if the situation is better now. [Continue reading]

  • Dynamic open of libpthread considered harmful

    Here goes another portability issue I've met multiple times while packaging software for NetBSD 2.x, where libpthread has some restrictions that other systems don't seem to have. Simply put, a non-threaded program cannot become threaded at run time, because, if it does, you get a nice "Abort trap". But, how can this happen? [Continue reading]

  • Good user interfaces

    First of all, let me apologize for not posting in several days. Unfortunately, this situation will continue as my time is quite limited because of university stuff... [Continue reading]