• Got a new DVD recorder

    I've got a BenQ DW1620 (dunno if it's the Pro model or not), that is, a double-layer, dual DVD recorder as a Christmas present. This is the first first-hand recorder I get; I didn't trust the older ones very much, so I'm quite happy ;-) [Continue reading]

  • Giving blood

    This week, a medical team from Hospital Clínic has come to our faculty to collect blood from the students (or any other person around) who want to donate. I had never done it before, but due to a suggestion from a friend, I though "Hmm, why not? Let's try it.". [Continue reading]

  • Setting up a bridge

    A bridge is a machine that connects two different physical networks (like a switch). I've just set up my box to act as a bridge between my Mac (connected to the ne0 interface) and my home network (connected to the vr0 interface). [Continue reading]

  • OpenPAM hits NetBSD

    After a very long time of discussions and waiting, OpenPAM is being merged into NetBSD, as you can see in the src/dist/openpam directory. [Continue reading]

  • Windows and CHS

    OMG, what a stressful night. Yesterday evening, I went to a teaching academy to install Linux (Ubuntu was the distribution of choice) on all their 12 boxes. I started by resizing the FAT32 partitions, continuing with the Linux installation. (Stupid me because I did no test in the middle.) After two hours and a half, I had all the machines up and running, and I was surprised to not have had any problem. [Continue reading]

  • Latest releases and news

    These days, I'm very busy working with a friend in a game which we have to have "finished" by next Friday (it's university work). Basically, it is a three-dimensional Pacman with multi-player support, licensed under the GPL and written in C++. It will be released on Sourceforge.net in a while, so keep tuned ;) Anyway, the purpose of this message is to publish some recent news, as I had no time during the week to do so: [Continue reading]

  • Variable names in Makefiles

    I've found many hand-made Makefiles that are very hard to read and modify; the reason: they use strange variable names to handle the compilation and linking of programs. [Continue reading]

  • Cederrón

    Did you know that cederrón is a correct word in Spanish, i.e., accepted by the RAE? Oh God, I couldn't believe it the first time I noticed this. [Continue reading]

  • Buildtool status

    Hmm, Buildtool... one of my pet projects, probably the one on which I've spent the most time working... and it was even starting to get some (few) popularity lately [Continue reading]