• Alternatives added to pkgsrc

    A few days ago (on the 25th), I finally added the alternatives framework to pkgsrc; haven't had a chance to write about it until now. [Continue reading]

  • GNOME Panel easter eggs

    Today I reinstalled GNOME from scratch on my machine due to a mistake I made yesterday (which blew away half of it). After starting it, I saw a problem I had never noticed before. I have been able to solve it, although I haven't figured which is the root cause yet. Anyway, while looking for where the problem was, I discovered three easter eggs in the GNOME Panel module. If you don't like spoilers, stop reading now. [Continue reading]

  • vr(4) problems

    Since I started using the vr(4) driver (i.e., when I switched my network to twisted pair cables), I've been experiencing very annoying crashes when running in promiscuous mode. This happened rarely at boot up, while dhclient(8) fetches its first lease. However, if you happen to use any other utility that puts the NIC in promiscuous mode, such as tcpdump(8) or bridge(4), the crashes happen almost 95% of the times. [Continue reading]

  • Alternatives become wrappers

    Todd Vierling made some interesting suggestions about the alternatives stuff. I didn't like them at first, but the more I thought about them, the more I realized they were the way to go :-P [Continue reading]

  • Alternatives system in pkgsrc

    Inspired by the recent comments of a user, I decided to implement an alternatives system for pkgsrc, similar to the one used by Debian. The purpose of this framework is to manage symbolic links that point to specific programs from a group of utilities with similar behavior. [Continue reading]

  • QEMU

    Today, I decided to try the QEMU CPU emulator. I installed it and, after fighting several problems caused by incorrect flags passed to the compiler, I got it working. [Continue reading]

  • Automatic verification of PLISTs

    pkgsrc uses static file lists to register the contents of an installed package. A drawback of this approach is that the file list of a package may occasionally become out of sync with reality. I.e., it may omit some files that are really installed, thus leaving them orphaned, or specify extra files that are not really copied into place. There are multiple reasons that can cause this desynchronization, including careless updates, incorrect detection of dependencies or, even worse, files that are only installed depending on the OS you are running. When some files are not properly installed, pkgsrc can easily tell you that an error happened, because it will not find all the files listed in the static list. However, the opposite situation is hard to detect, and it was not possible up until now. [Continue reading]

  • Monotone dedicated server

    Some weeks ago, I installed Monotone on my main machine to act as a dedicated server for Vigipac's source code. During the process, I had to write a rc.d script and configure multiple things to get everything working safely. The overall process is not difficult once you know how Monotone works, but it is quite time consuming and error prone (due to concrete file permissions, for example). So I thought I could share my work to make this process easier to other people and love pkgsrc even more ;-) [Continue reading]

  • Kernel debugging tutorial

    I recently had two crashes while killing a process which are very likely to be caused by the kqueue code. I asked NetBSD's current-users@ mailing list about the issue and got an answer suggesting the reading of a paper. [Continue reading]

  • NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3 in server performance

    Gregory McGarry has published an article that benchmarks NetBSD 2.0 and FreeBSD 5.3 in multiple situations that can be of interest in production servers. This includes scalability, reliability and performance in areas such as sockets, threads, process creation... [Continue reading]

  • Tracking down a deadlock

    Yesterday's night, I packaged Vino, a VNC server that integrates seamlessly with GNOME. After creating the package, I ran vino-preferences and saw it crash with the following assertion: [Continue reading]

  • Epiphany's scrolling

    For a long time, I've been believing that Epiphany, the GNOME web browser, was broken when installed through pkgsrc. And I was starting to hate it. [Continue reading]

  • VigiPac is now public

    First of all, happy new year! [Continue reading]