• Monotone's CVS gateway

    After a long time, I've finally decided to give Monotone's net.venge.monotone.cvssync branch a try. The code in it implements a bidirectional gateway between Monotone and CVS. What this means is that Monotone can be used for private development while working on a project that already uses CVS (doing the inverse could be... stupid?). [Continue reading]

  • NetBSD conference at Partyzip@

    I just realized I haven't posted about this before... A month ago or so, I was invited by the Partyzip@ organizational team to give a conference about NetBSD. For those that don't know it, Partyzip@ is a party held at Monz�n, Spain: it holds several technological conferences and workshops as well as gaming contests. This is its second year. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: Project page ready

    I've just set up the NetBSD-SoC: Efficient memory file-system project page. At the moment, it includes a list of the project goals, a copy of the original proposal text (in case you would like to read it) and a list of existing documentation. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: The NetBSD-SoC project

    The NetBSD Project has set up a project at the Sourceforge site that aims to centralize the development of the eight projects chosen for the Summer of Code program. Its name is NetBSD-SoC and its page contains information about all the elected projects, information about mailing lists of interest and a CVS repository for the students and their mentors. Read the official announcement for more information. As regards my project, I'll start filling up its page in the site when I've got access to it (probably tomorrow). BTW, all the other seven projects are really nice and I hope all of them to be "finished" (or mostly working) by the end of the summer. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: Accepted!

    After a very long delay, Google has finally chosen the projects that will be part of the Summer of Code program. There seems to be no official announcement in the page yet, but I already received a mail... and... my project is accepted! :-) [Continue reading]

  • EasyTAG

    A few days ago, I finally decided to sort all my MP3s. I started erasing lots of cruft that I never listen to and then renamed some files I had with weird names. I ended up with this layout: Artist/Album year - Album name/Song number - Song name.mp3. [Continue reading]


    So... my faculty became part of the MSDNAA program few months ago. This program is meant to provide students with Microsoft's software — basically operating systems and development tools — for free. The intention (I guess) is to let we, the students, learn how these software packages work so that we use them in the future in our professional career. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: My project proposal

    In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I applied for Google's Summer of Code — a program designed to introduce students to the world of open source software development — and I realized I had not blogged anything about it yet. [Continue reading]

  • MFC: Developing for Windows

    During the past two days, I've been working (again) on my Boost Process library idea. While doing so, I realized that I don't know anything at all about coding for Windows using the MFC. I must learn how to handle processes under this platform to be able to design a correct abstraction layer for process management. [Continue reading]

  • Fragmentation in Unix file systems

    Back in the days when I started to use Unix-like systems (Linux), I learned that their file-systems barely suffer from fragmentation. Nobody ever told me the reason behind that statement, and I never bothered to look for it, since there was no choice in the file-systems area (ext2 at the time under Linux) and there were no defragmentation utilities. Therefore, I assumed it was true... but it's not! (At least not as I understood it.) [Continue reading]

  • pkgsrc: Documentation about pkginstall

    Two days ago I started touching the FAQ chapter in the pkgsrc's Guide and I literally opened a can of worms. The thing is that I started to rewrite the question about configuration files placement (because most of the answer was just internal details of pkgsrc) and ended up writing a whole new chapter about the pkginstall framework. Hope it's an interesting read for you ;) [Continue reading]

  • pkgsrc: mplayer switches to the options framework

    My little project these last two days has been to convert the mplayer packages to use the options framework and deprecate the old-style variables to tune its behavior. This is the "new" (has been around for a while already) way to go in pkgsrc, as it's cleaner, more homogeneous and more flexible. [Continue reading]