• SoC: Thoughts about tmpfs data representation

    The text below is a message I just sent to NetBSD's tech-kern mailing list. I'm reproducing it here with better formatting and with some e-mail specific sentences removed. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: Status report 2

    After several days since the previous status report, it's time for a new one. During the past week, I've improved several aspects of the existing code, without adding many new stuff. [Continue reading]

  • SoC: Status report 1

    During this past week, I've been working a bit on my SoC project; only a bit because I had to prepare the slides for the NetBSD presentation I'm giving tomorrow at Partyzip@. Fortunately, from now on I won't have anything else to do, so I'll be able to devote all my time to tmpfs :-) [Continue reading]

  • Monotone's CVS gateway, part 2

    After explaining what is the Monotone's CVS gateway, I've been asked to post a little step by step tutorial about it. I'll focus the example towards pkgsrc. Here it goes: [Continue reading]

  • Going on vacation

    I'm going on vacation tomorrow and will be back by the end of the month. I'll bring my laptop with me, but I won't have regular Internet access (unless there is an open AP close to the place, that is). This will make my SoC's project development a bit more difficult, as I won't have my workstation (fast build machine) nor a test machine (very useful for kernel development). [Continue reading]