Some days ago I was "forced" to remove all packages in my workstation due to massive revision bumps in pkgsrc. Since I had to install an environment for X, I decided to give KDE 3.5.1 a try.

The thing is that I hadn't used KDE seriously since I switched to GNOME 2.6 (ouch, that was two years ago... time passes really fast). Of course I installed it several times in this period and tried to use it, but I stopped the evaluation after a 5-minute ride. I didn't feel comfortable because I wasn't used to it and, to make things "worse", I could quickly escape to GNOME as it was installed alongside it, ready to be used again.

But... you know what? I'm discovering some impressive things in KDE. Overall, I like it very much, up to the point of maybe not switching back (with the exception of Mac OS X on the laptop, that is.) Let's see some of the things I've "discovered":As a drawback, I still find KDE's interface too cluttered for my tastes. But I think I can live with this, specially because the interface can be simplified with some tuning effort. Not to mention that KDE 4 promises to be focused on usability... really looking forward to it!

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