For the last couple of weeks, I've been considering to get a PlayStation 3. Not because of gaming, as I'm not a hardcore gamer, but because of the development platform it provides: a rather compact and cheap machine with an heterogeneous multiprocessor — the Cell Broadband Engine — that can easily run third-part OSes. My current research tasks focus on this area, so having a personal Cell machine at home to tinker with would be nice.

Sure, we do already have a PS3 at the department and access to the Cell blades at the BSC, but none of these are easy to access physically and they are used by other researchers to do work. Leaving them unusable or doing drastic changes to the installed systems could annoy them. (OK, the PS3 is here to allow us to install custom kernels and do more bizarre changes, but still people is working on it periodically.)

But making the decision is hard.

Any other points? I see I listed more pros than cons, but still... I'm unsure.

Update (Sep 6th): And now, Sony has officially announced a price drop for the PS3...

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