• Live@NYC: Month 1

    Wow, I realized yesterday that I have already been in NYC for a full month! That means that I only have three left before leaving... time flies :-(I also apologize (to those who have noted!) for not writing for the past week, but I have lost "interest".  All posts were starting to be similar to each other because there aren't that many new things to explain every day.  Or, put it another way: I now usually have better things to do in the evenings rather than blogging :-PAs regards work, I have spent the past two weeks trying to code something, but all my attempts were worthless. Yesterday, though, my manager and I found a trivial way to resolve the problem at hand. It is not the nicest solution, but does the trick for now. Ew, two weeks of "wasted" coding efforts! But, as he put it, these efforts have been a good way to introduce myself into big projects within Google.Now I have been assigned another coding task and it seems pretty darn cool to me. This is not related to my real project, though, but it should be possible to finish it in one week and will be useful to give me more exposure to other Google technologies. In special, MapReduce. Yeah, I can say that; after all, what MapReduce is is disclosed ;-)Before finishing, let me point out something else that has caught my attention here in the city. There are lots of places to get your nails done, and all the people in these places is visible from the street. Curious, at the very least.Oh! Be sure to listen to the "Gettysburg trilogy" (the three songs in the second disc) in The Glorious Burden album from Iced Earth. Have been quite addicted to it for the last days. [Continue reading]

  • Live@NYC: Days 21, 22 and 23

    Day 21 (August 8th): Some work at Google and went out later with a friend from work and the friends that are visiting from Barcelona. We went to a bar called Spice Market: quite fancy but also expensive and not that fun.Day 22 (August 9th): Stayed at home for most of the day, which was pretty nice because I had not done this since I left Barcelona four weeks ago. In the morning, I went to a barber though. At night, went out with my roommate and some of her friends to a party. This was also an excuse to celebrate my birthday, which happened today (in day 23rd, I mean).Day 23 (August 10th): Turned 24. Went shopping for a fast external hard disk and ended up buying a Lacie D2 Quadra 500GB. Did some tests using the FW800 connection and the results are quite impressive. I spent part of the evening at Google doing some personal work, then went running and then drank cava at home to "celebrate" my birthday.OK, and now that I remember, here is another thing that has caught my attention in NYC. There are a lot of places to cut your nails... and what's "interesting" is that, from the street, you can see all the people sitting there while they are being served. [Continue reading]

  • Live@NYC: Day 20

    Another regular day at work, except that I have finally been assigned some coding work. Yay! Haven't coded for a rather long while, and I need to do something. Aside that, got some Google gear that I was supposed to get on the first day but didn't. This includes a water bottle, a towel, yet another t-shirt and a notebook.Somewhat related: I also ate way too much, which makes my stomach hurt and feel incredibly tired. Or maybe I am tired due to the run this evening, in which I pushed myself too hard. But I must run the Human Race (10Km) in less than 45 minutes! Yes, personal goal. [Continue reading]

  • Live@NYC: Day 17, 18 and 19

    I should have posted this yesterday at most... but anyway, here it comes so that I do not forget about recent happenings. What I mean is that day 19th was yesterday (August 6th), not today!Day 17: Some more learning work at Google. The interesting thing of that day was that a friend from Barcelona arrived to the city at 10pm approximately, so we went to have a beer to a place in the lower East River. Very touristic but pretty nice. Also, he was riding a hired car, so I was able to see the city from another "perspective".Day 18: Again, some more learning. At midday, I registered for the Nike Human Race, a 10Km race that will take place on August 31st in 25 cities around the world. The nice thing is that for the low registration fee, I got a pair of shiny new sneakers and the Nike+ Sportsband. Now I have Nike shoes, the iPod+Nike kit at home (a present from another race)... so I am now only missing a real iPod! At night I went out with a Spanish colleague from work and two other Spanish guys, friends of him, that are also visiting the city.Day 19: Tried the new sneakers and the Sportsband. Both are pretty amazing! Comfortable shoes and the measures taken by the sensors seem to be quite accurate. Plus you can get a nice history of your runs on the website. At work, I finally did some coding. And, in the evening, we had a Google Boat Cruise for interns (photos available) followed by beers at a couple of bars.Bah, I should get back to posting once per day to avoid such telegraphic descriptions... [Continue reading]

  • Live@NYC: Day 16

    Wow... two weeks have passed already. Time flies :-(Today I got up late after yesterday's hang out and then went to have lunch with my new roommate and his brother. After lunch, my roommate had to got back to work, and his brother and I walked downtown to take a look at the World Trade Center. After seeing that, we walked by the southern coast and saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance. I guess I'll have to take the ferry one day and see it from a closer distance, but better wait until there are not too many tourists and for colder weather. At last, we returned to visit Google going all along Broadway, while visiting some shops.I'm really exhausted. Google Earth says that we walked for almost 11Km non-stop! Check out the photos!Edit (22:50): Just finished watching Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. Hilarious! I'm eager to see more episodes, but that'll have to wait until Season 2 is aired. [Continue reading]

  • Live@NYC: Days 13, 14 and 15

    Day 13: Not much to comment, other than I finally got my welcome Google t-shirt!Day 14: Moved to the new apartment. It was pretty annoying to have to move all my stuff using the subway, basically due to the incredible heat in the streets and inside the subway. But finally, I have a relatively decent place to stay for the four months. Shared with another person, cheaper than the older apartment and... just one block away from Google! Oh, and at night I went to one of these ultra-classy clubs (230 Fifth Avenue) with several other interns and later to a couple of bars. Wasted way too much money.Day 15: Properly installed in the apartment by emptying the bags and filling the closet and drawers. Finally! I had had all my stuff in the bag for three weeks already and it was pretty annoying to find stuff this way. Also walked around the neighborhood and checked several book shops. I saw many interesting books that I would like to buy one day (in special, one about Haskell!), but just before leaving the last shop I was visiting (Barnes & Noble), I passed by a set of books that were discounted 50% of the price. And one of them immediately caught my eye: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Seventh Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers. At the ridiculous price it was selling, I couldn't resist buying it! Let's hope it is useful :) Now... maybe it's time to go out again, but this time with my new roommate and his brother. [Continue reading]