• Best config setting ever

    echo 'set editing-mode vi' >>~/.inputrcThis will enable vi-editing mode for all commands that use the GNU readline library (e.g. bash, python, bc, etc.), not only the shell. For the shell only (including non-bash shells), add 'set -o vi' to your shrc file.I don't know why I didn't do this before given that I'm a pretty hard vi user. Still, for some reason, I kept using emacs-like key bindings for command-line editing. Not any more! However, be careful: if you are used to vim's visual editing mode, you'll keep hitting 'v' in the command line and getting super annoyed.Enjoy! [Continue reading]

  • 1000 revisions for ATF

    Mmm! Revision 7ca234b9aceabcfe9a8a1340baa07d6fdc9e3d33, committed about an hour ago, marks the 1000th revision in the ATF repository. Thanks for staying with me if you are following the project :) [Continue reading]

  • Books by Joel Spolsky

    I just finished reading the third book in a row from Joel Spolsky, titled Joel on Software. Before this one, I read More Joel on Software and The Best Software Writing 1, all in a bit over a month. Note: I hadn't read any book cover-to-cover for a loooong while. Very interesting and entertaining books; highly recommended.Oh, and his writing style is really enjoyable. We, crappy blog writers, can learn a lot from him! [Continue reading]